That Remarkable Michelle Obama speech

Democratic National Convention speech by Michelle Obama

Before Michelle Obama began her speech, the audience showed how favorable she was just by the reaction she got from them. Speaking on the topic of her encounters with different people around the world and the American Spirit she grasped from them first, excited the crowd. Michelle knows how to capture the attention of the audience and keep it. As she spoke on her and Barack’s family, she gave specific credit to her father and Barack’s grandmother. Michelle seems like she is immensely family oriented. Her concern for nothing more than the well being and grounding of her children displays a woman who holds her title as “Mom” to a high standard.

“Being President doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are.” –Michelle Obama. When Michelle stated this, I personally connected with her because this can apply to any situation for a person that gains an executive position. A person’s character quickly shows once they are put in a position of higher authority. She was sure to give accolades to her husband for his many accomplishments during his presidency including signing Acts for women to get equal pay for equal work, cutting taxes, fighting for the auto industry, creating stable jobs, giving more student aid for more students to have a chance to attend college, and his beliefs of women making their own decisions.

Michelle states, “Doing the impossible is the history of this nation. It is who we are as Americans. It was how this country was built.” And with that statement being made, I personally take on the responsibility of upholding those duties. As Americans, we have obligations to make what we claim as ours a better place if we want it to be just that. Returning the favor for what was done for me in the past for the children and youth today is something I want to do because with doing so, it creates room for the children to continue the pattern for years to come.

As Michelle concluded her speech, there was a chant from the audience saying “Yes we can.” It must have hit a soft spot for her because her tone and demeanor changed drastically. Her tone was more of a passionate and sincere one that drew myself and the audience in to feel her words and grasp what it was that she has been trying to get across since she began her speech; Family is everything, and stand together as one to continue to move our country forward with Barack Obama as the head of that movement.